Public Bath Fees


  • Adult ¥520 [12 years old or over]
  • Children ¥200 [6 to 11 years old]
  • Young Children ¥100 [Under 6 years old]

*Note: Starting from July 1st, 2014.

Boys and girls who are older than 8 will take a bath with their gender.

Bath tickets that can be used throughout the Tokyo

A book of adult tickets (10 tickets) that can be used throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area is sold for 4,700 yen.

Purchase the tickets at any public bath house. (Expiration date is written on the ticket.) If there is any change in the fees during the period, the difference will be calculated and new tickets will be issued.


Up to 4 free baths at a public bath house in Shinjuku-ku. Eligible for Shinjuku-ku residents who meet the qualifications shown below:

  • Those who are 60 years of age or older.
  • Those who possess a physical disability certificate, medical treatment and education handbook or health and welfare certificate of a persons with mental disabilities.
  • Those who are raising children preschool age or younger and receiving child-care allowance.

Please see the page shown below for details.
Shinjuku-ku website “Fureai Nyuyoku”

Let’s go to SENTO

We will teach you public bath etiquette.
How to enjoy SENTO (Tokyo Sento Association)
Follow the rules for fun bath experience!
SENTO Etiquette (Download the Poster PDF)

Waiting for you at SENTO in Shinjuku-ku!

Let’s Go to  SENTO!