• Seasonal bath
  • Herb Bath
  • Public Bath Day
  • Yugejii Festival
  • Bath and Health Seminar

Seasonal bath

Annual events from ancient times. Why not feel the season at a public bath?

  • New Year’s Holiday (First bath of the year): January 1st - January 5th Complimentary Chinese zodiac soap. *Note: At each public bath.
  • Boy’s Festival (Iris petal bath): May 5th Free for elementary school age children and under.
  • Winter Solstice (Yuzu bath): December 22nd

Herb Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath with a soothing scent.

  • Lavender Bath
  • Peppermint Bath
  • Rosemary Bath
  • Peach leaf Bath
  • Pomelo Bath
A tip from Yugejii.

The lavender used in lavender baths is carefully selected organic flowers and stems of lavender grown in Furano, Hokkaido.
Herbal baths possess relaxing and awakening effects as well as a recovering effect from fatigue. Soak your body in the bath to feel the effect yourself!


October 10th is public bath day (October 10th is 1010, pronounced “sento” – “Public baths” in Japanese). We are looking forward to seeing everyone at each public bath.
Free anniversary towel for customers! (On a first come, first served basis)

Yugejii Festival

Every year we hold fun events for everyone to enjoy.

Event summary
Held at all public bath houses in Shinjuku-ku. From the end of October through the end of December.

Bath and Health Seminar

We share health information and a variety of recreation activities. Enjoy a bath (free) after the seminar.

Event summary
Held 4 times at 5 public bath houses in Shinjuku-ku. From the end of September through early December.
Target demographics
Shinjuku-ku residents 60 years and older who possess the “Fureai Nyuyokusho” card.
Approximately 20 per seminar (first come first served)
45 minutes (excluding time for bath)

Waiting for you at SENTO in Shinjuku-ku!

Let’s Go to  SENTO!